Organizations struggle to ensure that safeguards are consistently applied to protect their valuable information.

Herjavec Group’s Advisory Services will review your organization’s security infrastructure against the following three principles to understand the existing information technology control framework, identifying where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

Security Architecture

People, Policy, Process

Detective Controls

Management, Monitoring, and Review

Preventative Controls

Technology, Tools, and Techniques

Our Advisory Services experts have decades of cybersecurity specific experience and understand how to balance your business’ needs with compliance requirements, risk, and emerging threats.

We recognize that security is a journey, not a destination. We will support your organization in developing a cybersecurity roadmap that ensures compliance readiness, proactive security controls, consistent testing, and continuous improvement.

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Accelerate Your Advisory Services with HG

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We offer a range of cybersecurity advisory services including:

Technical Security Assessments:

Security Strategy Assessments:

PCI Compliance:

  • Cardholder Data Environment (CDE) scoping
  • Gap Assessment
  • Remediation Roadmap
  • Network Segmentation Designs
  • Audit (RoC, SAQ)
  • ASV Quarterly Scanning
  • Risk Assessments

Customer Success

Customer Success Story

Large, Multi-National Financial Institution

Challenges Addressed:

  • Customer needed to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited to target mobile applications as well as back-end servers hosting the mobile web APIs.


Services Leveraged:

  • Mobile application penetration test and 2 rounds of SAST scan
  • Used the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide to test for relevant issues within the client’s mobile application and web APIs
  • Automated tools such as SAST and DAST scanners were also leveraged

How We Delivered

  • A mobile API web vulnerability assessment was used to identify threat classes such as SQL-injection, Code Injections, Cross-Site Scripting, Web Server or Application Misconfiguration, Authentication and Session Management issues
    • The full technical security assessment consisted of:
      a) mobile rest APIs security assessment,
      b) Android application security assessment, and
      c) iOS application security assessment​
  • Once the initial assessment was performed, the customer had a chance to remediate vulnerabilities found and update the mobile applications. Once the update was completed, HG re-tested the mobile applications
  • A detailed report was provided with a qualitative assessment, as well as recommended steps for remediation in the form of a prioritized roadmap

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