Enterprises globally leverage web applications to offer their end consumers more convenient ways to transact, engage and communicate.

Web Applications are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and often rely on a complex combination of applications, applets, and user input. Threat actors will exploit flaws and vulnerabilities in web apps to gain access to sensitive data or back-end servers and corporate networks.

Herjavec Group’s Web Application Assessment helps you identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your API or web services before a malicious actor can exploit them.


  • How do your corporate IT, software development and cybersecurity teams partner to account for web applications that grow and adapt?

  • How do you defend internal systems from user impersonation?

  • What authentication controls do you have in place to protect your application data?

  • When did you last test your web application controls with a third party?

Utilizing commercial and proprietary tools/methods and assessment techniques outlined in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) framework, Herjavec Group Web Assessments are executed in two phases:

1. Vulnerability Discovery

Our security experts identify web application vulnerabilities including all relevant WASC TCv2/OWASP threat classes, such as SQL-Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Buffer Overflows.

2. API or Web Services Assessment

Through a combination of manual testing and automated tools, such as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) scanners and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanners, we test for flaws and vulnerabilities that could leave you open to a security breach.

Through a web application assessment, you will be able to remediate flaws and vulnerabilities faster with deliverables designed to be easily understood by internal IT/development teams. Our security experts will work with you to perform regular Web Application assessments throughout your software development lifecycle (SDLC), helping you reduce costs and improve your security posture by addressing issues earlier in the development lifecycle.


  • Executive summary of methodology and work performed & key results
  • Detailed roadmap of recommendations to to improve your web application flaws and eliminate vulnerabilities.
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Why HG Advisory Services?

  • We offer a hands-on, flexible approach tailored to meet your organization’s uniqueness and requirements

  • We take a holistic approach to your assessment, identifying where your applications are most vulnerable through discovery scans and manual tests. Our Threat Management team has expertise in penetration tests, social engineering assessments, red teaming operations and more

  • We have decades of experience in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, risk and security frameworks (ISO, NIST), and expertise in emerging privacy domains like GDPR

  • Our team of experts, from Advisory Services to Identity and incident Response, is well equipped to support your assessment and remediation needs

  • We’ve been recognized industry-wide as a trusted cybersecurity advisor – #1 on the Cybersecurity 500, IDC Security Services Leader and Security Company of the Year from Cyber Defense Magazine

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