Let us start by saying – we get it. We live and breathe security, and we know your job isn’t easy.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • The assessment feedback I got doesn’t reflect my business needs
  • I wish I could just sit down with someone who has been there and done that to solve the problem
  • Product company assessments lead to…surprise surprise…their product sale
  • I need help prioritizing what to do first
  • I need a plan that’s realistic for my organization, not just a templated report

We thought so, and that’s why we highly recommend engaging with an HG Security Workshop before jumping into your next complex security tool installation or service engagement.

HG’s Security Workshop Approach
  • Led by experienced Senior Executives & Practitioners
  • Meaningful sessions with custom agendas that you approve
  • 2-3 Virtual or On-Site Sessions followed by remote research & partnership
  • Concise recommendations
  • Actionable roadmap plan

Why Choose HG For Your Security Workshop?

  • Our Security Workshops are led by Senior Executive Practitioners with real-world experience and track records of success in security leadership roles.
  • We recognize that no two organizations are alike in their business goals, operational risks, risk appetite
    and resources.
  • We have designed our workshops to set your team up for success as you prioritize your security strategy, service needs and technology investments.

HG Security Workshops Are Based On Your Organization’s:

Choose one of our Security Workshops below or engage with an HG Security Specialist if you have a custom request.

Security Program Strategy

Seeking feedback or confirmation that you’re on the right track? The Security Program Strategy Workshop will assess if your existing security program capabilities meet business goals while evaluating threats to the organization, and your current technology stack. We build a roadmap that considers the current state of the business, future business objectives, and relevant risks.

  • Deliverable is a business-relevant, actionable 18-36 month security program plan with specific technology, organizational structure and risk process recommendations

Security Metrics

Challenged to provide metrics from your security tools to various stakeholders internally? Not sure which Key Performance Indicators best reflect the efficacy of your security program?

The Security Metrics Workshop is designed to inventory sources of operational raw data, understand existing operational reports from the current toolset, and ultimately align on what data should be presented to executive stakeholders to summarize enterprise
security performance

  • Deliverable is an executive summary of Security Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), current Data Availability based on the existing toolset, and recommendations for future Security Metrics to be adopted

Security Tools Optimization

Identify organizational efficiencies and gaps across your existing security technologies. The Security Tools Optimization workshop is a hands-on discovery exercise designed to prioritize cyber hygiene, optimize your existing tool investment and identify any security or product-specific gaps. We map your security technologies against applicable industry security standards as required.

  • Deliverable is an on-site or remote presentation of findings,
  • A detailed report which includes an inventory of your current toolset licensing, renewal & support details, and
  • A recommended strategic tools roadmap for the next 12-24 months

Vulnerability Management

This workshop is designed to help you develop a Vulnerability Management Program or to enhance the maturity of your organization’s existing security program.

We review what data your organization collects with regards to vulnerability management, then assess risk prioritization and compensating controls while keeping risk ratings, patching policies, data enrichment, and risk appetite top of mind.

  • Deliverable is a formal report of recommendations including:
    (i) scanning tool configuration,
    (ii) scanning interval & frequency,
    (iii) handling of non-scannable or un-patched devices, and
    (iv) how to most effectively present this information to stakeholders internally

Risk Management

Define your risk profile through guided conversations with HG experts around risk appetite, risk prioritization, and risk communications. The Risk Management Workshop focuses on the key differences between operational performance and key risk indicators.

  • Deliverable is a summary of the different risk process owners within your organization, sample content for various stakeholder organizations and a templated deck for risk-oriented presentations for executive and board stakeholders
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