16 years ago the Department of Homeland Security created Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM). This global initiative recognizes the importance of digital security for consumers and organizations alike. Enterprises, employees, and end users alike need to band together to #BeCyberSmart.

Herjavec Group is Proud to Be a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion

Herjavec Group champions this global initiative by educating businesses and consumers on industry trends, cybersecurity threats, and best practices. Join us in the movement and leverage Herjavec Group’s Cybersecurity Awareness assets to spread the word amongst your colleagues, families, and friends.

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Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility

Own IT

  • Staying safe on social media
  • Privacy and Compliance concerns
  • Best practices for device applications

Secure IT

  • Strong, unique passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Shopping safe online
  • Spotting and avoiding phishing attacks

Protect IT

  • Software and network security
  • Stay protected while being connected
  • Keeping customer & consumer data and information safe

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New connected tools and technologies are always providing businesses with a way of innovating and modernizing processes, but they also present opportunities for cybersecurity threats that can compromise your most important data.

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Organizations typically have the backup and log architecture based on business continuity requirements. However, this approach doesn’t always account for cyber-related risks. Without certain security measures, attackers can delete or modify logs and erase their footprint.

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If you’d like more information on how you can maximize your participation in Cybersecurity Awareness, or if you’re interested in having a Herjavec Group executive join your Cybersecurity Awareness team event, contact us below.