Cyber Hygiene is More Critical for Your Business Now Than Ever Before – Here’s Why

March 30, 2020

Organizations should build their security programs with the understanding that no matter how many firewalls or network controls they have in place, the risk of insider threat will always be present.

In light of the ever-evolving threat landscape, the interconnectivity driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), and rising remote work scenarios, one thing is clear – the strength of an organization’s cyber hygiene relies on the internal practices implemented.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever before for organizations to ask: how are we prioritizing cyber hygiene?

Here are some recommendations from Herjavec Group to get started:

  • Apply available patches immediately and stay updated on all of them. If there are no more patches available, discontinue the use of the software or operating system in question and update it to a newer version.
  • Segment your internal corporate networks to isolate any malware infections that may arise.
  • Conduct regular social engineering tests against your employees to actively demonstrate where improvements need to be. Hackers are routinely attempting novel ways to infiltrate corporate networks so it’s important to ensure that your employees are aware of how their online behavior can make them – and you – more vulnerable.
  • Build security awareness training modules to educate your employees on how to spot phishing emails or business-related scams.
  • Conduct regular network penetration tests to identify flaws and vulnerabilities in your corporate networks. If you don't have the talent in-house, employ a third-party security firm to do so.
  • Know what your crown jewels are. What are the most important data points integral to your business and how do they need to be protected? Even when digital services are temporarily unavailable, how will you continue to provide essential services to your customers?
  • Incorporate Threat Intelligence for a proactive approach to finding the threat types that are relevant to your organization based on your industry and company size.
  • Ensure that your organization has a robust cyber insurance policy so that even if a breach occurs, business continuity can be maintained.
  • Implement the right tools, processes, and technology – based on the needs of your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cybersecurity.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to cybersecurity news, industry updates, and threat advisories. Subscribe to the US-CERT and to Herjavec Group’s Threat Advisory communications.

Given the rising threat of cybercrime, particularly recent cyber-attacks that leverage the Coronavirus pandemic, organizations must do their part in instituting a strong cyber hygiene practice and lead from the top down.

Members of the C-Suite need to become a driving force for integrating security into the company’s culture so that employees understand its priority. 

To learn more about our Advisory Services practice, which can help bolster your cyber resilience, connect with a Herjavec Group security specialist today.

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