Palo Alto Networks Unveils Intent to Acquire Cyvera

March 24, 2014

Palo Alto Networks and Cyvera - Delivering a Next-Generation Enterprise Security Platform

Today Palo Alto announced its intent to acquire Cyvera, an independent, privately held cyber security company from Israel. Understand more about Palo Alto’s approach to next generation endpoint protection by reading their post below:

Nine years ago, we forever changed the network security industry with the introduction of the next-generation firewall. This breakthrough architecture brought unparalleled control through the safe enablement of applications, and exceptional levels of protection by blocking all known threats operating across a multitude of different vectors. Two years ago, we again changed the industry with the introduction of WildFire and a next-generation threat cloud that focused on detecting and defending against the most advanced, unknown threats. With over 16,000 customers, our strategy and leadership position are firmly set.

With our recent acquisition of Cyvera, we are turning the page and looking to once again disrupt the security industry. Attackers are absolutely having their way with the endpoint. Traditional signature-only or detection-only defenses are simply ineffective at blocking advanced attacks. Together with Cyvera, we have something to say about that.

The composition of today’s cyber attacks typically involves three stages: identify a new vulnerability, employ a technique to exploit that vulnerability, and use that vulnerability to then launch malware and ultimately take control of the endpoint. Each year, thousands of new vulnerabilities emerge. And with millions of new malware instances found each year that increasingly are capable of evading existing controls, traditional security approaches simply aren’t effective. A new approach is required. One that doesn’t rely on post-breach forensics alone or remediation performed by expensive consultants.

Cyvera is an absolute standout. They’ve come up with a completely different approach: one that will forever change the endpoint security industry. While there is a limitless supply of vulnerabilities and malware, attackers are relegated to the use of a small number of techniques they can employ to exploit those vulnerabilities. In fact, there are a few dozen techniques today that can be used with an average of 2-4 new techniques added each year. Cyvera’s approach is simple: understand the techniques then employ a series of roadblocks and traps to prevent an attacker from successfully exploiting that vulnerability. Cyvera’s approach has been so powerful that they’ve successfully stopped every published zero-day attack since they first began deploying their product.

The combination of Cyvera, our next-generation firewall, and our next-generation threat cloud represents the most innovative, integrated, and automated enterprise security platform in the market. As we bring this acquisition to a close we look forward to sharing many more details with you. Our two companies have had a longstanding relationship that’s only going to grow as we bring our technologies together to offer the most effective approach to protecting you from the most advanced cyber attacks.

See the post here.
See the Palo Alto press release here.

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