Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability Being Exploited by Bitcoin Miners

January 12, 2018

In October 2017, Oracle disclosed CVE-2017-10271—a critical vulnerability in WebLogic's 'WLS Security' component which utilizes Java. A patch was released to address the issue.

It's been widely reported that Bitcoin miners have been exploiting this vulnerability to gain access to and compromise systems.  Actors have been targeting a high number of WebLogic servers being hosted on public cloud servers. Scanned ports by threat actors include TCP/80, 443, 7001, 8080, 8888, 9000.

Common vulnerable systems recently attacked have had the following versions installed: 



  • Update to or higher.
  • Modify firewall rules to block outbound/inbound connections to ports that are not being used by the WebLogic server.
  • Block the IoCs listed in the REN-ISAC advisory report and SANS ISC InfoSec forum post on the firewall and/or IPS. 


Herjavec Group's Incident Response Services team is actively helping customers deal with the identification and remediation of this exploit.

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