In 2018, get back to basics. 

As we become accustomed to cyber attacks compromising enterprise environments and flashy breach headlines splashed across the news, we risk becoming complacent towards the enterprise need for a proactive cyber defense. It’s time we double down on compliance, cyber hygiene, and the elements of a proactive defense strategy in order to combat advanced cyber threats.

As you plan your strategy around proactive cyber defense, Herjavec Group recommends having the following topics drive the conversation with your IT teams, executive, and board members:

  1. Reviewing readiness for compliance requirements – especially GDPR
  2. Evaluating cyber insurance policies in advance of a cyber incident
  3. Using purple-teaming for greater incident response planning
  4. Establishing a strong cyber hygiene program
  5. Strengthening mobile and IoT security in your corporate environment

Download the full report to learn more about the cybersecurity conversations you should be having this year, and what questions you need to ask yourself as a cyber aware professional.

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