There is a (cyber) bullseye on healthcare providers.

The 2017 Healthcare Report officially declared that there is a bullseye on healthcare providers – and this statement remains true in 2018. But why are cyber criminals increasingly targeting healthcare institutions? 

The reality is that being exploited can cause significant financial loss, disruption of business operations, and loss of reputation as a trusted healthcare provider. Therefore, when a CIO in the healthcare space reports to the board about the importance of cybersecurity, they need to establish cybersecurity as a business risk.

The ability to demonstrate the return on investment for cybersecurity is key for healthcare CIOs to remain effective in their roles. 

So how can healthcare providers protect their organizations? We believe that the simplest way to strengthen the overall security is by addressing the greatest threats:

  1. Insider Threats

  2. Risks associated with IoT medical devices

  3. Targeted ransomware attacks

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