WEBINAR: Convergence of Privacy & Cybersecurity with FeRoot Privacy

April 1, 2019

As the number of privacy and data protection regulations increase, the line between privacy and cybersecurity continues to blur. GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA, PIPEDA, FIPPA…many global enterprises are expected to comply with these regulations and maintain compliance moving forward. 

Organizations are now spending valuable resources duplicating efforts between privacy and cybersecurity, competing for the same budgets and developing inconsistent messaging both internally and externally.

On March 26, Herjavec Group and FeRoot Privacy hosted a webinar on the convergence of privacy and cybersecurity, with panelists Tabitha Gallo, Sr. Security Consultant at Herjavec Group, and Ivan Tsarynny, Co-Founder & CEO of FeRoot Privacy.

The panel addressed: 

  • Can we effectively use, reuse, and repurpose existing operational processes and procedures, say from PCI, ISO, and NERC to satisfy our privacy requirements?
  • What areas can we extend in our existing cybersecurity processes to address GDPR, CCPA, and other new privacy laws?
  • Can privacy and cybersecurity align and be synergistic? 
  • How can organizations prevent duplicating efforts between privacy and cybersecurity?

Aaron Edwards, Sr IT Security Analyst at Northland Power, shared insights from his Privacy and Compliance engagement with Herjavec Group in ensuring that his organization did not sacrifice privacy for security (and vice versa).

For the answers to these questions and best practices for privacy and security going forward, watch the full webinar below.

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