Herjavec Group offers a combination of Threat Advisory and Threat Hunting Services to augment our overall Threat Management and Managed Security Services programs.

Our Threat Advisory Services generate industry and customer specific threat intelligence on an agreed upon cadence to help build the foundation of a Threat Program. Our Threat Advisory services include:

  • Incorporation of Threat Intelligence into alerts and escalations
  • Brand Monitoring for Domain/Email/Social
  • HG Generated Threat Intelligence and Research
  • Secure Threat Intelligence Sharing and Collaboration
  • Threat Modelling Roadmap 
  • Threat Reports

We also offer more advanced and flexible Threat Hunting Services that require dedicated hours or resources. Our Threat Hunting team researches specific adversaries to your organization and supports by hunting through your environment using adversary tactics, to improve detections, and develop new alerts based on the program results.

Our Threat Hunting Services Include:

Basic Threat Hunting

  • Leverages Automated Alerting
  • Incorporates Threat Intelligence Indicator Searches

Advanced Threat Hunting

  • Follow Data Analysis Procedures Created Externally
  • High Level of Routine Data Collection

Premium Threat Hunting

  • Creates New Data Analysis Procedures
  • Very High Level of Routine Data Collection
  • Typically engaged as a dedicated extension of your security team

Customer Success

Customer Success Story

Financial Services Organization

Challenges Addressed:​

  • Experiencing a breach on unmonitored infrastructure

Services Leveraged:​

  • Supported 3rd party incident response investigation
  • Leveraged diamond model of intrusion analysis
  • Engaged trusted contact at naval criminal investigative services

How We Delivered

  • Threat Intel and Hunting Services
  • Mapped actors and TTPs
  • Discovered US Dept of Defense IP space was being leveraged in the attack
  • Determined attacker had hijacked DoD Darkspace
  • Remediation Support
  • Revealed potential links to nation state capabilities