HG Project Management Office

Herjavec Group has proven project management services and offers support to ensure the highest probability of timely engagement success while minimizing risk. All projects are driven by the PMO to align with customers’ time, cost and quality requirements. Once a formal agreement is signed with Herjavec Group, each customer is engaged with a member of the team, pending the size and scope of the engagement. The PMO offers Service Delivery Coordination, Project Management Services, and Program Management.

Herjavec Group’s Project Management Office uses a project process developed from the PMI best practices that follows initiation, control, adjustments and completion of each engagement.


With our project management services, once a customer has signed off on a Statement of Work, a Project Manager or Coordinator is assigned and works with both sets of team members to review the scope and schedule requirements for the project. A Project Manager will then create a project plan and work with the customer to schedule all components of the plan.

PMO graphic 2

Depending on the needs of the project, project update calls and documented status updates are scheduled and completed with all team members.

Once a deliverable is completed the Project Manager will review it with the customer and both teams will sign off on completion of the item. At the end of the project the Project Manager ensures that all artifacts are provided to the customer, as per the scope of work, and a final completion certificate is provided.

PMO graphic 3

Herjavec Group will assign the appropriate project management solutions resource (Coordinator or Manager) , based on the size and scope of the engagement. Complex engagements with multiple, large projects will also be assigned a Program Manager in order to oversee the various projects and ensure they align with the customer’s overall vision.

Our Project Management Office includes:

  • Team comprised of PMO Director, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Associate Project Coordinators
  • Over twenty years of experience working on various projects which range in duration (2 days to 3 years)
  • Experience over a variety of industries including health care, finance, retail, government and telecommunications.
  • Certified PMPs
  • Central point of contact on projects ensuring timely completion of all project deliverables with undisputed success