As business leaders we recognize that our people are the weakest link within our Cybersecurity Programs. We often focus on proactively training our teams to identify phishing attacks, but have to recognize that Security Awareness alone isn’t enough.

Herjavec Group’s Managed Phishing Service supports the prevention, detection and remediation of phishing attacks end-to-end. We take on 24/7 Phishing Threat Detection, Investigation & Event Resolution so your team can prioritize business operations.

Our Managed Phishing Service includes:

1. Managed Email Gateway

  • 24/7 Phishing Threat Detection & Security Technology Engineering for Email Gateway solution including configuration, tuning and updates

2. Playbook Automation for Phishing Detection & Remediation

  • Enhanced time-to-value through Security Orchestration & Automation with playbook and workflow development. Leverage our cross-industry learnings and expertise

3. Expertise For Investigation & Event Resolution

  • Personalized, hands-on security analyst support for advanced remediation and event resolution, when required.

Why Choose HG for Managed Phishing?

  • Continuous improvement in phishing prevention, detection & remediation
  • Expertise in Threat Detection, Workflow Management & Incident Response
  • Reduce the noise with de-duplication of phishing cases
  • Enhanced context and analysis from cross-client correlation
  • Improved time-to-detection & detonation of Phishing Attacks
  • Playbook Development & Enhanced Automation leading to file detonation & event resolution
  • Extension of your team for hands-on expertise in Phishing Investigation & Remediation
  • Focus your team on your business priorities

With our Phishing Managed Service, you save your team from sifting through email gateway inboxes, trying to decipher which attacks are “real”. Trust our phishing experts to drive actionable intelligence from the potential attacks collected including:

  • User-level reporting to identify your greatest organizational risks
  • Security Event-level reporting including viewed emails, clicked links, contained attacks, detonations, time-to-resolution
  • Enhanced analysis and automation driving de-duplication and cross-client correlation
  • Security investment recommendations to mitigate employee risks
  • Summary measurement of your Social Engineering and Security Awareness program effectiveness

The consistent monitoring and proactive management of Phishing attacks are critical to measure your Security Awareness program effectiveness and enhance your organization’s Security Maturity. 

Engage with Herjavec Group to augment your Managed Security Services partnership with a Managed Phishing Service.

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Accelerate your Managed Security Services Partnership with Herjavec Group

  • Specialized Services including Threat Detection, SOC Operations, Security Technology Engineering, Managed Detection & Response and Managed Phishing Services
  • Expertise in Security Orchestration & Workflow Automation – Disciplined approach to Security Operations and track record of success in complex playbook development
  • We Do Security – and only security!
  • Global Footprint & Reach – 5 Global SOCs. Expert knowledge of regional and industry directives. Industry specific threat intelligence and data enrichment benefitting our global clients
  • Top Managed Security Services Provider Globally – #1 on Cybersecurity 500, Top 10 MSSP on MSSP Alert, and recognized as Leader in Managed Services by Cyber Defense Magazine

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