In order to limit manual processing time and solve the primary challenges faced by most enterprises today, Herjavec Group’s Managed Security Service practice relies on two custom built solutions: The HG Threat Framework, and Analytics Platform. The combination of Herjavec Group’s SIEM discipline, Threat Framework and Analytics Platform adds necessary context to help prioritize alerts and indicators of compromise (IOCs), resulting in actionable intelligence and reduced false positives.

Herjavec Group’s Analytics Platform filters threat intelligence and customer data into actionable, relevant alerts. Alerts enriched using Herjavec Group’s Threat Framework are processed through the Platform, which automatically performs additional enriching functions including IP reputation look up, deduplication and cross-client correlation, prior to preparing a readable output for Herjavec Group’s security analysts to review and action accordingly.

Analytics Platform
Analytics Platform

The Platform performs six automated functions including:

  • Alert Trending
  • Cross Client Correlation
  • Anomaly Detection
  • De-duplication
  • IP Reputation Lookup
  • Aggregation

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“Herjavec Group’s Analytics Platform and its incredible technical talent are solving the industry’s greatest challenge – a severe cybersecurity labor shortage”

Steve Morgan – CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures