Excessive employee access is one of the fastest growing unmanaged risks to the protection of critical enterprise data. The impact of IoT devices coupled with increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks makes the possibility of a security breach a serious threat to enterprises globally. Enterprises today are struggling with:

  • Reconciling audit findings
  • Adhering to new and evolving regulatory requirements
  • Managing complex active directories, with multiple credentials, and third-parties in play

Allow Herjavec Group’s Identity Consultants to transform your organization’s access requirements into an information advantage. We help enterprises protect their corporate data and information assets in order to safeguard their business’ reputation, legal responsibilities, and financial well-being. It’s important you know where to start.

Herjavec Group’s Identity Assessment & Strategy Development engagement sets you up for success as you position the business value-add of transforming your Identity Program.

Identity is one of the most complex, and misunderstood cybersecurity challenges today. Do not tackle it alone.

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Gain a clear picture of your Current State

  • Summarize & evaluate current Identity Processes
  • Understand people eff ort and operational expense utilized today

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Set the goal posts with your Desired State

  • Identify future Process & Stakeholders
  • Establish Business, Process & Technology Adoption, and Enhancement targets
  • Communicate the effort, budget, ROI & savings from achieving Desired State

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Execute the Strategic Plan

  • Develop Strategic Roadmap for execution
  • Clear vision to move from Current to Desired State
  • Third-party validation with trust in HG’s experience & proven track record of success

Identity Assessment & Strategy Development

  • 6-16 weeks pending enterprise size
  • Combination of on-site workshops/interviews & off-site effort
  • Supported by 2 Identity Consultants
  • Deliverables include:
    • Current State Assessment
    • Desired State Vision
    • Strategy Roadmap
    • Optional, but recommended:
      • Identity Maturity Review
      • Security Program Alignment

Herjavec Group has the expertise to support your organization through the implementation of the Strategic Roadmap recommendations. In addition to Identity Assessment Services, Herjavec Group supports Identity Solution Architecture, Technology Deployment, Role Mining, Privileged Access Framework Development, Security Program Integration, and Managed Identity Services. Our Identity Services are designed to help you put Identity at the forefront of your cybersecurity strategy.

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Accelerate Your Identity Security with HG

  • Herjavec Group is 100% laser-focused on cybersecurity services with comprehensive expertise in Identity roadmap development, consulting and Identity Managed Services.
  • We are a vendor-agnostic service provider with a track record of success in complex, multi-technology environments including within the financial, legal, utilities, retail, health & gaming sectors.
  • We are a global organization with expert knowledge of multi-national regulations and industry directives.
  • From Advisory Services to Incident Response, we have expertise in comprehensive security services to support your enterprise and understand how Identity will support your greater security program.
  • We’ve been recognized industry-wide for our expertise in Identity Services – #4 on MSSP Alerts Top 250 MSSPsIDC Security Services Leader and Best Identity Service from Cyber Defense Magazine Global Awards.

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