Herjavec Group has a proven Service Delivery Framework and offers support from certified project managers to ensure the highest probability of timely engagement success while minimizing risk. All projects are driven by HG Service Delivery to align with the customer’s time, cost and quality requirements. We recognize that different service engagement require more flexible delivery models and support multiple service delivery options.

HG Project Process

Herjavec Group’s Service Delivery Team uses a project management process developed from the PMI best practices.

The majority of HG delivery projects involve the support of a Certified Service Delivery Project Manager from planning to close out.


Once you have signed off on a Statement of Work, our Service Delivery team will be assigned to review the project scope and assign technical and Project Management resources accordingly.


The HG Service Delivery lead will engage with all project resources to develop an integrated project plan, while balancing scope, control and risks to develop the overall schedule.


Following a project kick off meeting, the service delivery team executes all project related activities. The Service Delivery lead will monitor and control the project communication ensuring that your team is satisfied with all deliverables.

Close Out

The Service Delivery lead will document project results and formalize your acceptance of the outcomes. Once the project is transitioned from implementation to standard operations, we will seek your formal feedback and complete all close out processes.

Herjavec Group has a flexible Service Delivery model and will assign a Service Delivery Administrator or Certified Project Manager pending the scope and scale of the engagement. Complex engagements with multiple, large projects may also have a Program Manager assigned. We also support Managed Team, Strategic Consulting and Projectized Service Models as required to best meet your project and business needs.

Managed Teams

This model most closely mirrors the PMI best practices above in that we share full project success responsibility. Herjavec Group assumes responsibility for the performance of our technical team while you retain ownership of your assigned project deliverables. The Managed Team delivery model is preferred when the project calls for:

  • Speed to Productivity
  • Project Continuity
  • Fluctuating Resource Levels
  • Specialized Talent
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Onsite and/or offsite Resources
  • Client Ownership of Deliverables

Strategic Consulting

This Service Delivery model supports a consultative advisory service approach. When a senior subject matter expert is engaged, that individual can work directly with your organization to help you ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and drive to a strategy that will serve your business needs. Our strategic consultants have years of specialized experience and are leaders in their fields. The Strategic Consulting service delivery approach is recommended when an enterprise needs to:

  • Develop applications that enable business performance or support new capabilities
  • Transition from data to information to knowledge
  • Determine its current security posture
  • Define the future state of its security architecture
  • Work in a collaborative 1:1 or 1: small group setting
  • Engage an executive leader as an extension of its team for a short period of time

Projectized Services

When an enterprise prefers to outsource an entire project from beginning to end they are in essence acquiring a complete service solution. In the Projectized Services model, Herjavec Group assumes complete project responsibility from identifying the business goals to resourcing each phase of the project plan. This delivery model is recommended when one or more of the conditions below exist:

  • Your resources are engaged on other projects
  • You don’t have the specific skills in house to complete the project
  • The project can be distinctly scoped

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