Internal security teams need to be prepared for real-world incidents, but often lack practical experience combating a cyber attack. Herjavec Group’s Red Team Operations provide a way for your team to experience and prepare for a real cybersecurity incident, without real business risk. The goal of the red team assessment is to identify weaknesses in your existing security controls and to assess the efficacy of your information security detection, prevention, and response capabilities.

The HG Red Team uses real-world adversarial TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) to compromise your organization’s perimeter, establish a foothold on your internal network, and identify and simulate data theft, accomplishing the objective through any means necessary, without disrupting normal business operations.

HG Red Team Operations Methodology

Red Team Ops Method

Through simulated attacks, Herjavec Group Red Team Operations provide actionable results, identifying security gaps and driving more business value from existing security investments.

TTPs utilized during Red Team Operations include:

  • Passive Reconnaissance
    • Open Source Intelligence Gathering
  • Active Reconnaissance
    • Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • External Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Testing
  • Social Engineering Phishing/Vishing
  • Payload Development and Delivery
  • Proof of Concept Exploitation

HG Red Team Assessments will help you:

  • Strengthen your security team’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats
  • Identify your largest security vulnerabilities and mitigate these risks before a real-world incident
  • Determine the TTPs required for attackers to compromise your organizations “crown jewels”
  • Get real-world experience responding to a cybersecurity incident and reduce future response time
  • Prioritize security budgets and develop a clear roadmap for security program development
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