Enterprises globally are leveraging mobile applications to offer their end consumers more convenient ways to transact, engage and communicate. However, prioritizing security amidst the ever-changing threat landscape and frequent device/operating system updates does not always align with the innovation and creativity required to design and maintain mobile applications.

Threat actors will exploit flaws and vulnerabilities in Internet-enabled mobile apps to gain access to sensitive data or back-end servers and corporate networks. Herjavec Group’s Mobile Assessment helps you identify vulnerabilities in your mobile applications, API, or web services before a malicious actor can exploit them.

Ask Yourself

  • How do your corporate IT, software development and cybersecurity teams partner to account for Operating System Updates?
  • How do you defend internal systems from user impersonation?
  • What local storage and authentication controls do you have in place to protect your application data?
  • When did you last test your mobile application controls and corresponding back end systems with a third party?

Using assessment techniques outlined in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) framework, Herjavec Group Mobile Assessments are executed in two phases:

1. Mobile Application Assessment

Our security experts test the mobile application itself, regardless of the operating system, for security controls such as authentication, authorization, session management flaws, etc.

2. API or Web Services Assessment

We work closely with your stakeholders to gain an understanding of how the application communicates with back-end servers, how API requests are created, and what security controls currently exist in order to identify vulnerabilities.

Through a combination of manual testing and automated tools, such as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) scanners and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanners, we discover flaws and vulnerabilities that could leave you open to a security breach. Once the assessment is complete, Herjavec Group will provide a detailed roadmap to improve your mobile application flaws and eliminate vulnerabilities.

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