Managed Security Services
Decision Guide

Choosing the right Managed Security Services Partner can be complicated.

The odds are that you’re either using, looking for, or recently fired a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Either way, it’s important to pick an MSSP that’s right for you. The right MSSP will work together with you to provide the best cyber defense against the exponential rise of cyber threats facing the infosec industry and of course, your business!

Engaging with an MSSP is highly critical for businesses who:

  1.  Need 24/7/365 management of technology & infrastructure
  2. Lack internal expert resources
  3. Have difficulty scaling their in-house security practice
  4. Need improved data enrichment with cross-client correlation, and evolving threat modeling
  5. Are challenged to keep up with emerging technologies, new threats and security trends

This guide will highlight the questions you should ask and best practices to keep in mind when choosing a Managed Security Services Provider.