Most organizations believe they will experience a security incident in the next 6-12 months.

Have you benchmarked your security posture?

The 2020 MSS Trends Report, produced by Herjavec Group and Cybersecurity Insiders, surveyed 400,000 information security professionals to gain an understanding of key challenges that organizations are facing when it comes to Managed Security Services.

The report summarizes the opinions of IT security decision makers across a variety industries (healthcare, education, manufacturing, etc.) in an effort to answer:

  • Where are security leaders prioritizing their security investments?
  • Where are organizations leveraging third-party service providers to complement their in-house capabilities?
  • Which specialized Managed Services are at the forefront of these offerings?
  • What are the important questions you should be asking yourself as an IT business leader?


Key findings of the report include:

 Business Activities

Reported disruption to business activities due to security incidents in the past 12 months


List ransomware as the top concerning threat to their business

Skills Shortage

Note a cybersecurity skills shortage as their top internal challenge

Download the report to learn from your executive peers about the key Managed Security Services trends and considerations for 2020.