Ira Goldstein: Peak Breach in a World of Ubiquitous Computing

May 9, 2019

We have seen breaches across various industries dominating the headlines in recent years. From entertainment organizations to social media networking sites, to the more notable vulnerabilities of insurance and hospitality enterprises, data of every nature has been compromised.

The fact is, organizations today have more data than they know what to do with. Like gold or oil, data has become a crucial asset to individuals and a commodity for businesses.

From a privacy and security perspective, how do we approach this new asset?

Recently, Ira Goldstein, SVP of Field Operations at Herjavec Group, spoke at the Ontario Tech University's The Future of Tech with a Conscious event.

The forum explored three key themes:

  • Everyday Human-Machine Interactions,
  • Technology and Privacy, and
  • Digital Competencies in the New Millenium

Ira kicked off the Technology and Privacy panel with a keynote speech introducing a concept known as Peak Breach, derived from the idea of Peak Oil.

Ira addressed the audience saying, "What I really want to ask is 'Are we past the point of peak breach?' Can it get any worse from a privacy perspective? Can it get any worse from a security perspective?"

Ira comments further that there is no stopping the flow of data.

To learn how individuals, industries, governments, and educational institutions should be approaching privacy and security in today’s data landscape, watch Ira’s full speech below.

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