HG Quarterly Threat Summary

Stay ahead of the threat curve.

Most organizations developing a Threat Management program strive to stay ahead of the threat curve. At Herjavec Group, we partner with enterprises to map attack verticals, drive threat modelling, and conduct Red Team exercises.

Herjavec Group’s Threat Management Team circulates a Quarterly Threat Summary to provide an overview of the most common threats and vulnerabilities seen in customer environments in recent months to help you continue refining your Threat Management strategy.

Recently, HG’s Threat Management team has seen an emergence of:

  1. Phishing & Business Email Compromise (BEC) Campaigns
  2. Ransomware Campaigns
  3. Major Technology Vulnerabilities
  4. Threat Group Activity

Download the full Threat Summary Analysis to learn more about the potential impact and mitigation strategies for each threat type.

For more information on HG’s Threat Management practice and our comprehensive cybersecurity services, request a 15-minute service briefing.

To read the Q1 2020 HG Threat Summary Analysis, click here.

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Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Business

Herjavec Group has prepared a series of Threat Advisories, Continuity Planning, and Emergency Preparedness Resources to help businesses with the imminent threat posed by Coronavirus on business operations. Stay up-to-date on the most recent cyber threat campaigns used by threat actors below.