October is recognized globally as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Initiated by the Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is commemorating its 15th year as an annual campaign. Supporters of this great initiative engage in activities to raise awareness around the importance of cybersecurity by educating businesses and consumers on industry trends, cybersecurity threats, and best practices.


Are You #CyberAware?

Take Herjavec Group’s Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz Below

Take our Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz and get Cyber Certified with Herjavec Group! We recommend having all employees get Cyber Certified and running a contest or raffle for those who participate. The quiz below is only 20 quick questions, fill out your details below to get started!


2. While visiting your favorite website for downloading the Firefox browser, a popup appears that says "You just won 100,000 US dollars! Click this link to claim your prize!" What should you do?

3. You went to your local coffee shop to buy a coffee and while waiting for your order, you decided to connect to their Free Wi-Fi. While browsing to your Google Mail, the page redirected to http://www.googlemail.andrew.net. What do you think should you do?

4. Which of the following could help you mitigate malware and viruses from infecting your PC?

5. You've been asked to install a certain software necessary for your job. Who should you contact?

6. Your team member just sent you a shortened URL link via Skype chat (e.g. https://www.goo.gl/wZebR). What should you do?

7. While Bob was away on vacation, one of his customers had a crisis. As Bob was unable to attend to the matter, he gave John access to his computer to solve the issue. Six months later, John used the access to upload confidential information to a private server. Who is responsible for this breach?

8. While working remotely, your home wireless network gets infected with malware. What should you do?

9. Who has security responsibilities at your organization?

10. Which of the following are strong passwords according to the University Information Security Policy? (select all which apply)*

11. Which statement best describes how documents containing sensitive information (personal information, finances, sales forecasts, etc.) are to be handled?  

12. If I'm not going to be in the office who should I share my password with?

13. When accessing a website, a popup appears that says "Your computer has been infected with XYZ ransomware." What should you do?

14. What is the biggest threat to an organization’s cybersecurity and corporate network?

15. What are signs of a phishing attack?

16. The first step in Security Awareness is being able to ________ a security threat.

17. Why is it important to have a good understanding of your organization’s Information Security policies and procedures?

18. While taking a small break, you see your teammate using their personal computer to download the newest episodes of Game of Thrones using BitTorrent. What should you do?

19. You're working on a project that requires you to use shared email. Who should you contact to make it?

20. When working remotely, how should you connect to public Wi-Fi?

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