July 15, 2016

Herjavec Security News Watch: July 9 – 15, 2016

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Posing as Ransomware, Windows Malware just Deletes Victims’ Files: Ranscam is a new Windows malware that tricks users into paying to get rid of the ‘ransomware’ affecting their computers when in actuality the files have already been deleted. 

New banking Malware Stops Customers from Cancelling Payment Cards: Certain banks in Russia and South Korea have been targeted by hackers in preventing the cancellation of their payment cards after being compromised. 

Dirt Cheap Stampado Ransomware Sells on Dark Web for $39:The Stampado ransomware threatens to delete all computer files every six hours following the infection and users are given 96 hours to pay 1 bitcoin. 

Hackers Snag $2 Million From ATMs Without Using Credit Card: The hackers targeted 30 ATMs connected to Taiwanese First Commercial bank and used a computer software to steal the money. 

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Board Bound: How to Rise to the Executive Level in Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is on the rise when it comes to recruiting new talent so needless to say, there are many ways to rise to the top in the industry.

Why AI could be the Key to Turning the Tide in the Fight Against Cybercrime: The AI technology is suggested to be taking care of decision making and other basic tasks so it can augment the role of humans. 

Security Software Priorities Shift from Defence to Detection and Response: According to Gartner, companies are now focusing their cybersecurity efforts to recognizing and responding to threats with the rise of cyberattacks. 

Hacking Electricity, Water, and Food: Researchers have found that 91% of industrial control systems such as electricity, water, and food, are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. 

The Rise of Ransomware in Healthcare: Since Jan. 1, ransomware attacks have risen an astonishing 300% in 2016, reaching up to 4,000 attacks in a single day. 

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Mac Malware OSX.Keydnap Steals Keychain: There’s a new Mac OS X malware on the block and this one steals all your private information from Keychain through very sophisticated means. 

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