Herjavec Group Wins CDN Top Security Provider of the Year for 3rd Year Running

April 25, 2019

We are excited to announce that Herjavec Group has been named the Top Security Provider of the Year on the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers for the 3rd year running. Each year, Channel Daily News connects with IT solution providers across Canada to provide a benchmark for service excellence and to highlight industry leaders.

Sean Higgins, Co-Founder & VP of Professional Services at Herjavec Group, accepted the award at the Top 100 Solution Provider Gala on April 24, 2019. 

In addition to the ranking, Ira Goldstein, SVP Field Operations at Herjavec Group spoke to Channel Daily News about our firm’s growth in 2018, as well as the increased demand for privileged access management, cloud security, and identity management services.

Read an excerpt from the full article below:

Herjavec, Zones and Other Top Canadian Product Providers Boost Sales with Advisory Services

Getting products into customers’ hands is one thing, but channel partners are finding that wrapping services around those products pay off in the long run.

In 2018, security solution provider Herjavec Group snatches the cybersecurity crown. The company saw an increasing demand for privileged access management services, cloud security services, as well as its new identity management services.

“Managed security services is a big growth engine of the company,” said Ira Goldstein, Herjavec Group’s senior vice-president of field operations. “We see people going to managed services because of the talent shortage in cyber security, also because of the compliance requirements where they need a second set of eyes on their security environment. People just want deep security experts to provide them with that day-to-day monitoring.”

An increasing number of software vendors are turning to Herjavec Group’s for advisory services related to GDPR compliance and privacy assessments. The healthcare sector specifically was heavily underscored, both in operational security and privacy related to the sensitive data.

In the rapidly morphing cyber security sector, Herjavec Group’s outlook for 2019 is vigilance and expansion.

“We’re seeing a lot more targeted attacks, like really focused social engineering campaigns. Business email compromises are a huge risk for a lot of people,” explained Goldstein. “Business email compromises often result in actual money leaving the door. Those campaigns are usually really sophisticated, targeted attacks using social vectors and they seem to be on the rise.”

Throughout the new year, Herjavec Group will continue global expansion and examine its solutions from a global perspective. It already has a base of operations in the UK, and will be looking to dig further into the European market. It’s always looking for new talents and acquisitions, though they’ll be centered around the US market due to an established presence.

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About Herjavec Group

Dynamic entrepreneur Robert Herjavec founded Herjavec Group in 2003 to provide cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations. We have been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity operations leaders, and excel in complex, multi-technology environments. Our service expertise includes Advisory Services, Technology Architecture & Implementation, Identity Services, Managed Security Services, Threat Management and Incident Response. Herjavec Group has offices and Security Operations Centers across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

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