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December 9, 2015

At Herjavec Group, cybersecurity is what we do. We protect the critical assets, networks, and systems of enterprise businesses 24x7x365. As you’re preparing for the holidays, remember that the need for Information Security never takes a vacation. We are all consumers and need to be #cyberaware over this busy season. Keep the following ten tips for data privacy and cybersecurity in mind as you enjoy a Happy Holiday filled with health, relaxation, and joy. - Herjavec Group

10 #CyberAware Tips for the Holidays

1. Be more cautious about where and what you announce online by way of holiday plans. In fact, strengthen privacy settings on social media so only people you know and trust can see your travel plans, info and photos.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on your mobile device when leaving home, as much as possible. This saves battery life and prevents some stores from tracking your movements. In addition, password-protect your devices. Enable features like remote location & device-wiping to protect the device if it's lost/stolen.

3. Watch out for websites that offer holiday deals that sound too good to be true. Free or heavily discounted prices on travel arrangements are “too good to be true” and often lead to cyber fraud! Check for authenticity and make sure to read user reviews before making a purchasing decision.

4. Be wary of open access wifi networks – Even if it’s convenient, don’t make purchases through public wifi. If this can’t be avoided, we recommend using a second credit card only for online payments to mitigate your risk.

5. Shop online at secure sites. Look at the address bar for an SSL certificate (usually appears as a closed padlock) and make sure that the site processing your payment is PCI complaint.

6. Favor credit cards over debit cards when making an online purchase. Use transaction alerts offered by your bank and ensure that your fraud alerts are turned on.

7. Phishing scams can be harder to spot in a rush or on a mobile device. Be cautious of emails that contain links. Do not click on them because they could infect your computer with malicious software. Remember, "when in doubt, throw it out". If you're unsure of a suspicious email, just delete it!

8. Always use products & services that are open and honest about how they collect, use and share your personal info.

9. Look at the permissions that an app requires before you download or use it. Keep your devices clean by updating operating systems and other critical software.

10. The holidays are about celebrating with those you love and cybersecurity awareness is important for people of all ages. Take the time to talk to your family & friends about privacy and safety online.

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