The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted by the European Commission, protects personal and corporate information across the European Union (EU). On May 25, 2018, the GDPR will be formally reinforced, aiming to regulate how businesses manage data breaches and prioritize data privacy in order to protect consumers. The regulation will
apply to enterprises in all countries across Europe as well as any global enterprise collecting, storing, sharing or
processing data on EU citizens. Failure to comply with the GDPR can result in a fine of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

Don’t achieve GDPR compliance by sacrificing your business objectives. 

Herjavec Group’s expertise and leadership in comprehensive security services can help you achieve and maintain compliance by identifying your current vulnerabilities, improving your network visibility, and enriching the data you receive with human, threat, and
technical intelligence.

Why Herjavec Group?

  • We offer a hands-on, flexible approach, tailored to meet your organization’s uniqueness and requirements.
  • We are a global organization with expert knowledge of multinational regulations and industry directives.
  • From identity and access management to incident response, we have expertise and leadership in comprehensive security services to support your complete IT Security lifecycle.
  • We bring decades of assessment experience and a keen understanding of specific technologies deployed in your environment.

Our Methodology


Herjavec Group recommends that all organisations under GDPR jurisdiction undergo an initial Privacy Impact Assessment. While performing this assessment we adhere to the NIST SP 800 and ISO 27001/27002 frameworks to validate weaknesses that may be exploitable, leaving personal data at risk.


We meet with your organisation’s stakeholders to identify how your organisation protects personal information as it is collected, used, disclosed, stored and ultimately destroyed. These assessments extend beyond your core business operations to include third party contractors or business associates.


After the initial assessment and discovery phase, we deliver a detailed report including the risks identified and a roadmap to achieve compliance.


We work with you to develop a step-by-step action plan. We provide supporting documentation to ensure you can demonstrate your efforts if an audit occurs.

Final Deliverable

  • Executive summary with insight into your current compliance posture and potential risks
  • Security gap analysis prioritised according to impact on GDPR compliance
  • Detailed roadmap and action plan for obtaining compliance, including conceivable shortfalls and a potential cost/benefit analysis
  • Customized presentation and executive briefing to ensure accurate knowledge transfer

Following the initial GDPR assessment, used to address immediate and unique needs, Herjavec Group offers additional technical expertise and support in order to maintain continuous compliance and advance your security posture moving forward:

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