Customer Success Story: A Multi-National Automotive Engineering Company

August 18, 2020

As a global automotive engineering company with a presence in over 20 countries worldwide, our client specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative products for safer and lighter vehicles. Since its inception over 20 years ago, this company has prioritized strength and innovation and is now at the forefront of its business and future strategy.

Our client is a large multi-national organization with a workforce to match. The company relies heavily on using digital identities to manage access for their employees. As a result, they were challenged with a number of complex access requirements, since any downtime in their IAM program would potentially equate to revenue loss and even brand reputation loss.

Since they lacked the necessary skilled resources, the client had two requirements for outsourcing their Identity & Access Management:

  • A trusted advisor that could step in and take full ownership of their Identity and Access Management (IAM) program
  • A partner who could manage the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle software efficiently and provide a strong ROI for their IT investment

 As a business operating at a sizeable scale to provide critical products within the automotive manufacturing process, our client needed a partner they trusted and could confidently rely on.

Ultimately, the company leveraged Herjavec Group’s expertise with the RSA product suite as we are the leading implementation partner for the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle product suite in the UK.

Service Provided: 24/7 Managed Identity Service

The client engaged Herjavec Group (HG) to fully manage the day-to-day operations of their IAM solution, including managing potential security incidents and monitoring for continuous service improvement. In addition, HG was responsible for:

  • Keeping the IAM solution evergreen and maintaining support for the vendor’s requirements
  • Ensuring security patches are installed and tested as soon as they are released
  • Providing support for a pre-existing customized Java component
  • Ongoing scheduled testing to ensure the optimum functional performance of the system
  • Developing a customized model to quantify risks related to inaccurate source HR data
  • Reviewing current JML processes, and performed process optimization workshops to reduce complexity and manual touchpoints

HG’s Identity & Access Management team worked closely with the company's internal stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the Managed Identity solution were designed to meet their unique requirements and expectations. This entailed creating an IAM roadmap to provide structure around the ongoing relationship and IAM journey, which enabled buy-in from senior management for further funding and support. The on-boarding process was managed with careful due diligence to assure all internal stakeholders were on the same page for the technical solution before the ‘go live’ period.

Custom Identity Governance & Lifecycle Workflow Configurations

Herjavec Group also documented all processes and methods during the on-boarding process in order to ensure we maintained an environment of full transparency and partnership with the client. As a result of the full transparency and due diligence, the full transition was completed within just two months.

HG was also responsible for:

  • Performing additional analysis and testing to check that all functionality was working as expected.
  • Improving efficiency by ensuring all integration links were up-to-date and working.
  • Ensuring the software upgrade was completed to the correct standard by working closely with the software vendor’s technical support team.

Since transitioning their IAM solution to Herjavec Group, this client is now able to maximize their internal security resources, align their efforts with the wider business objectives, and look forward with confidence. The main benefits of their partnership with Herjavec Group include:

  • 100% business-focused - By forging an even closer partnership with the HG IAM team, the client can now commit to other high value and meaningful IT projects & objectives
  • Significantly reduced downtime – Potential security incidents are resolved quicker due to Herjavec Group’s technical expertise. The company can now escalate a ticket directly with the HG Managed Identity Services team and receive a response (and often a solution) the very same day. This has resulted in a boost in productivity and system adoption through a consistent and user-friendly IAM experience
  • Fully outsourced solution – Our client can fully trust HG to manage their IAM program, and no longer have to recruit or train employees with specific IAM expertise, resulting in a reduction in OPEX through automation and intelligent business processes in the IAM platform
  • Proactive Solution Monitoring – Alerts to all problems with server health are provided to give early warning to find a proactive solution, allowing the business to run optimally 

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