Threat Advisory

Internet Explorer Threat Update

Microsoft has published Security Advisory 2963983 on April 26th 2014. This Advisory is related to a vulnerability that was discovered in Internet Explorer, versions 6 through 11. This vulnerability is present in nearly all versions of Internet Explorer, regardless of the Windows OS Version that is in use. The vulnerability (CVE-2014-1776) exploits a bug in Adobe Flash that allows an... Read More
April 26, 2014

Open SSL TLS/DTLS Heartbeat Read Overrun Vulnerability

Executive Summary On April 7th 2014 OpenSSL and a team of security engineers published advisories regarding a severe vulnerability that “allows anyone  on the Internet to read the memory of systems protected  by vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL   software [1].    They have dubbed this vulnerability “Heartbleed” as it refers to a memory leak in a heartbeat function used by OpenSSL. ... Read More
April 9, 2013