2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report

June 12, 2017

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving industry; from the latest innovations in security service offerings to the rapidly changing threat landscape, the industry is rarely stagnant. As such, the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, in partnership with Crowd Research Partners, recently produced their iteration of the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report to spotlight the latest trends, security priorities, and […]

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The Cybersecurity Jobs Report: 2017 Edition

May 31, 2017

Download PDF Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021. Cybercrime will more than triple the number of job openings over the next 5 years. Author: Steve Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Cybersecurity Ventures Menlo Park, Calif. – May 31, 2017 Cybersecurity Ventures has reviewed and synthesized dozens of employment figures from the […]

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Herjavec Group Cybersecurity Cast: Why Enterprises Need An MSSP with Trish Villanueva

May 30, 2017

Herjavec Group has launched its very own podcast, The Cybersecurity Cast! Produced by Herjavec Group, The Cybersecurity Cast features discussions on the latest news, trends, vulnerabilities, and exploits in the cybersecurity space. Topics include healthcare, ransomware, identity and access management, and more. Episode 2: Why Enterprises Need An MSSP with Trish Villanueva Joining us for the […]

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HG’s Atif Ghauri Sits Down with Enterprise Security Weekly

May 26, 2017

Herjavec Group VP Atif Ghauri sits down with Enterprise Security Weekly to discuss SIEM, EUBA, and how to build a relationship with your MSSP.  Watch the full conversation here: To skip the ads at the start of the video, please skip ahead to 2:34 for the full interview. About Herjavec Group Dynamic IT entrepreneur Robert […]

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Network Segmentation and PCI Compliance

By: David Mundhenk and Ben Rothke It was in the early days of PCI when we wrote Lightening the PCI Load: Solutions to Reduce PCI Scope. PCI compliance scoping was then, and still is, an intensively debated topic, even among PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA). The spirit and intent of that article and our follow-up […]

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WannaCry Fact Sheet

May 18, 2017

Herjavec Group published its first threat advisory on the WannaCry attack on Friday May 12th. In response to WannaCry, Herjavec Group’s Security Operations Centers immediately heightened awareness internally for IOCs, and MD5 hashes which were attributed to the execution and symptoms of the attack.  Over the 48 hours that followed, HG security engineers developed and […]

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Protect Yourself from WannaCry and Other Ransomware Variants

May 16, 2017
Protect Yourself from WannaCry and Other Ransomware Variants

Last week, thousands of companies across 150 countries felt the effects of an extensive ransomware cyberattack, known as ‘WannaCry’.  The ransomware blocked users on infected computers from accessing their files, unless a ransom was paid, effectively crippling business operations for many enterprises across the globe. Financial and economic losses from Wannacry could swell into the […]

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Extensive Ransomware Cyberattack Reported on 16 Healthcare Institutions

May 12, 2017

There has been an extensive cyberattack today aimed towards Britain’s National Health Service, in which websites of 16 health institutions were targeted concurrently by cyber criminals. As a result, doctors were blocked from accessing patient files, causing hospitals to “divert ambulances and cancel appointments“. Unlike DDoS attacks, a ransomware attack encrypts all the data on the affected computers […]

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Herjavec Group and Splunk Present Transforming Security – A Managed Security Services Webinar

On May 10th, Atif Ghauri, VP Managed Security Services at Herjavec Group and Vishal Nakra, Senior Systems Engineer at Splunk hosted a global webinar to discuss the unique partnership between our organizations, helping enterprises transform their security postures. Splunk for security offers improved situational awareness, accelerated time to value and strengthened machine learning abilities to […]

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23 NYCRR 500: How Cyber Legislation Will Impact Enterprises

May 4, 2017
23 nycrr 500 report

Download PDF Author: Sandy Fury, Herjavec Group Consulting Specialist How many times have you seen a headline in the New York Times saying that a retailer, a medical services provider or bank has been hacked and thousands of people may be affected? Because we are still seeing these stories in the news, it is evident that […]

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