Herjavec Group Announces Sponsorship of Splunk .conf2016

August 9, 2016

Don’t miss Robert Herjavec present Sept 29th at 9am! Herjavec Group is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of .conf2016: The 7th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference. .conf2016 will feature more than 175 technical sessions and customer presentations.  Attendees will share best practices while discovering new features and ways to implement Splunk software to gain insights from their […]

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Herjavec Group Retains #2 Ranking on Cybersecurity 500 List

August 4, 2016
herjavec group

Toronto, Canada – August 4, 2016 – Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of global Managed Security Services Provider, Herjavec Group, announces that the firm has retained its #2 ranking on the Cybersecurity 500 Q3 2016 list. Published by Cybersecurity Ventures, the worldwide ranking recognizes the most innovative companies in the cybersecurity space.   “Herjavec Group has the pedal […]

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GMA: Hacker Targets Same Woman Twice on Amazon

July 29, 2016

Recently, a woman’s Amazon account was hacked twice by the same hacker. Herjavec Group Founder, Robert Herjavec, appeared on Good Morning America to share how consumers can better protect their private information from hackers. His three pieces of advice:"Use two-factor authentication - a good password and a pin, change your passwords often, and clear your browser cache," Robert...

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Entrepreneur: 4 Foolish Cybersecurity Mistakes Robert Herjavec Is Shocked People Still Make

July 28, 2016
cybersecurity mistakes

Herjavec Group Founder and CEO, Robert Herjavec, was recently interviewed about the ongoing cybersecurity epidemic by Entrepreneur magazine. The full article is below. Robert Herjavec compares hackers to professional burglars. “If they want to break in, there’s nothing you can do,” he tells Entrepreneur during a phone interview. “But you can have an alarm, a safe and a dog […]

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Robert Herjavec’s Advice for Navigating Cyberattacks

June 29, 2016
navigating cyberattacks

Today, the Internet of Things and interconnectivity are at the forefront of any cybersecurity-led conversation and with the constant barrage of high-scale cyberattacks occurring in the financial and IT industries, it is crucial to prioritize your business’ security. Moreover, according to Computer Business Review, the cybersecurity industry will suffer a staff shortage of 1.5 million people by […]

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Herjavec Group Ranked #2 on Cybersecurity 500 List

May 17, 2016
herjavec group

Global MSSP recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity players. Toronto, Canada – May 17, 2016 – Robert Herjavec, Founder & CEO of global Managed Security Services Provider Herjavec Group, announces that the firm has been ranked #2 on the Cybersecurity 500. This worldwide ranking, published by Cybersecurity Ventures, recognizes the most innovative […]

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Online Security – The Weakest Link

April 5, 2016

For all the technological defences, people persist as a principal vulnerability in the cyber environment. Mandy Kovacs tests for gaps along the perimeter. As cyber-attacks on online banking become advance in sophistication, anti-fraud experts are advising firms to defend themselves not only with the latest technology, but through more careful due diligence. Inimitable traces Biometric authentication is […]

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